Listen. Of all the tools at an architect’s disposal, none is more useful than the ability to truly listen to what a client wants…to see what the client sees and then translate that vision into reality. This is especially true when it comes to designing homes.

Dream House Designs was established for the sole purpose of designing homes and additions that reflect the needs and personality of the homeowner. My dream was to create warm, inviting personal spaces for people to live, entertain, and raise a family in.

Rear patio, Wayside Inn Road Residence

Dream houses designed especially for you
Dream House Designs specializes in listening to a client—to learn how you live, your tastes, budget and time frame. We then convert this information into preliminary concepts and, ultimately, into construction drawings. The focus is on designing a superbly detailed home built especially for you…a warm, inviting environment that fits your lifestyle and is perfect for family and friends. A home that highlights the quality of the spaces rather than the quantity.

When designing your home, we remember that you’re the one who’s going to live in it, not us. So we strive for a comfortable give and take relationship with our clients that involves a lot of listening and observation. We want to discover how you live in your house…which spaces you use and how you use them… which spaces are “missing” from your house. In short, what constitutes your dream house. Only then can we design a home or addition that matches your budget and that you will truly love living in.

Going beyond the drawings
A Dream House Designs project doesn’t end with construction drawings. We offer a wide range of services, assisting you with interior design, land planning or selection, and complex zoning issues. In fact, we make it a point to introduce ourselves to the local building inspectors up front in order to ensure the smoothest possible permit approval and construction process.

Working with our consultants, we also provide landscape architecture, secure home systems and “smart house” wiring, assuring your house is completely integrated into your lifestyle and environment. We can even provide services throughout the entire construction phase if you like. Our level of involvement is always up to you.

Our ability to manage the entire construction phase is what sets Dream House Designs apart. From start to finish you’ll have the assurance of a clear, well-designed plan, project cost monitoring/control and your complete satisfaction with your home or addition.

Trust us with your vision
Somewhere between your dreams and reality lies your perfect home. Through our expertise, sensitivity and experience, we will help you find that delicate balance. Whether you’re building a new home or an addition, Dream House Designs will make the entire experience a pleasant and rewarding one.