Dream House Designs Services

Site Selection. Assist in the review of various sites, evaluating grading, access, and other site amenities.

Site Design. Orientation of the house on the property to provide pleasing sight lines, taking advantage of natural features and minimizing disruption to the site.

Permitting. Provide necessary information to permitting authorities for zoning issues, building code requirements, resolution of utility issues including underground utilities and septic.

Architectural Design. Provide client and contractor(s) with complete information needed to obtain best construction pricing. Typical drawings include floor plans, roof plan, exterior elevations, building sections if necessary, typical wall section, details, door and window schedules, general notes, finish notes, alternates, allowances, complete structural drawings with foundation plan and required framing information, and schematic electrical layout.

Interior Design. Working with our consultant or yours, we provide comprehensive, compatible interior finishes that complement the overall design of the house.

Landscape Architecture. Working with our consultant or your, we provide a comprehensive, compatible landscape design that compliments the design of your residence.

Construction Phase Services. Coordinate process between builder and owner, assisting owner as needed in decision making. Act as intermediary, review and approve proposals for changes, change orders, and invoices. If desired, hold weekly meetings with owner and contractor on-site with “To Do” lists for all involved. Specify and coordinate final punch list and close out procedures, including final payment. Using our years of expertise, we examine your home, room-by-room and surface-by-surface, ensuring you the ultimate in quality control and a process that is enjoyable and stress-free for the owner.


Front porch, West Concord residence